Descent Into Midnight

An aquatic roleplaying game exploring the depths of the sentient mind.

Promote teamwork, spiritual reflection, and environmental awareness.



A gifted team of psionic defenders fight mental, physical, and spiritual corruption threatening their ecosystem, their home, and their friendships. With shared world building, evocative playbooks & moves, and guided meditation & collaborative storytelling, Descent Into Midnight is aquatic gaming that is intense, emotional, and shows the wonder of the ocean.

Aquatic Roleplaying Using The Apocalypse World Engine

Descent Into Midnight uses the emotionally charged Powered by the Apocalypse system. The game focuses on the emotional connections & powers of the characters to propel and escalate the story.

Great PbtA games have vivid Agendas, Principles, and GM Moves to reinforce tone & atmosphere, and keep the action intense and escalating.

In Descent Into Midnight, your Agendas are to:
Present the unexpected mysteries of the deep, Test the emotional strength of the characters, and Play to find out what happens


Principles move your Agendas forward, and are things you should be striving to do during play. Descent Into Midnight’s Principles are:  Show a glimpse of the Abyss, Create cracks in the coral, Give every motion a look but not a name, Name the species we encounter, Create maps but leave areas mysterious and uncharted, Be a fan of the characters, and Always follow a move with “what do you do?”, “what does that look like?”, or “what does that make you feel?”

Like other PbtA games Descent Into Midnight has special GM moves to escalate the action towards the Agendas & Principles. These GM moves are:  Reach up from the Abyss, Show Corruption in action, Separate the characters, Play to a vulnerable emotion, Ask them what/who is damaged by their actions, Strengthen the currents or rip the tides, Ask them what the worst outcome could be, Introduce a predator, Trigger psychic backlash, Dazzle them with a wonder of the deep.

Hopefully these Agendas, Principles, & Moves give you a good direction where Descent Into Midnight is going. Stay tuned for more info on the mechanics of the game!

What People Are Saying

Descent Into Midnight is undergoing alpha playtesting currently.  Here are some comments from playtesters:

“[The Playbooks]  MADE the character in my head. I had ideas for characters immediately.  They’re dripping with flavor.”

“The guided meditation [and prologuing mechanics]  were great to get into the same shared headspace. It gave me what I needed to work with. We did that & I went Ok I can play this game now!

“This is the game, out of  all the games I like to play, that I’ve been the most comfortable in playing a non-humanoid character, and that ‘s especially neat. “

Hear More!

We’ve been featured discussing the game on Character Creation Cast and Plus One Forward so far. If you want to hear about the amazing experience some of our playtesters at GenCon 2018 had, you can check out Secret Cellar. Or to hear an earlier version of the game being played, swim on over to the Game Closet feed!