Playtest Descent Into Midnight

An aquatic-themed roleplaying game exploring the depths of the sentient mind

The Time Has Come

Our developers have tested Descent into Midnight in conventions, online games, and with our own friends, but the time has come to open the coral doors and push out this game to as many Guides as possible. That’s right, we’re actively seeking playtest feedback and we want as many folks to run DiM as we can get.

We are currently on Playtest Packet v0.4 as of 3/29/2019. You can access the packet using this link to go to our Google Drive with the entire playtest packet available online, or this link to download the packet as a zip file to use offline (.zip link Coming Soon).

We’re especially looking for folks to test out campaign play over multiple sessions and the Corruption moves, but any and all feedback about how your game went is invaluable.

We are actively seeking feedback about the game and want to hear how yours went! If you are able, please fill out the following Feedback Form to help us make DiM the best it can be.